Every year we break store records with comics given away, attendance, and funds raised for local charities! On Free Comic Book Day everyone gets a free comic! Additional comics are one per dollar donation to the Saskatoon Friendship Inn.

The Saskatoon Friendship Inn will also be in our parking lot selling hamburgers.

Batman will be at our store all day to meet the big and small heroes of Saskatoon. Dress up to show your love!

Nathen Wahl and James Zintel are our feature artists this year.

James Zintel is a cartoonist/illustrator based out of Saskatoon. He has been a small self publisher for over ten years producing the humour comic strips Gary and Ted as well as Bear Factoids. His current work includes two recently launched comics “SpaceSquatch” and “Shump” and the upcoming “Saskatchewan A to Z” from MacIntyre Purcell Publishing. All of his work past and present can be found at James will do a sketch for $5.00 He will also have some of his books for sale.

For $20.00 Nathen Wahl will sketch a horrifying death for his character Joe Zombie. Prints will also be available for purchase

Check out Free Comic Book Day‘s website for additional information.

8th Street Books & Comics is proud to offer Magic the Gathering play. Our focus is game play in a casual environment for amateur and experienced players alike.

Details will also be updated on our Mulligan: The 8th Street Books & Comics Casual Magic Gaming Group on Facebook.

Upcoming Events:

*entry fees subject to change

    • Friday, April 21st – Modern Masters 2017 Draft/Double Elimination Tournament
    • Saturday, April 22nd – Amonkhet Pre-Release Party
      • At 8th Street Books & Comics at 6:30pm.
      • Entry is $31.95 before tax
    • Friday, April 28th – Amonkhet Release/FNM
      • At 8th Street Books & Comics at 6:30pm
      • Casual Draft. Entry is $18
    • Friday, May 12th – Amonkhet Draft/Double Elimination Tournament
    • Friday, May 19th – Amonkhet Draft/FNM
      • At 8th Street Books & Comics at 6:30 pm
      • Casual Draft. Entry is $18
    • Friday, May 26th – Amonkhet Draft/FNM
      • At 8th Street Books & Comics at 6:30 pm
      • Casual Draft. Entry is $18