Our comic section is state of the art and features titles from all the major publishing houses as well as small press and independent distributors. We stock over 4300 adult graphic novels, approximately 300 titles for young readers as well as nearly 2000 manga graphic novels; all of which we sell based on the American price/exchange, rather than at the posted Canadian.

Every Wednesday we receive the latest in releases and our stock is always growing!

8th Street Books and Comics has a friendly and knowledgeable staff and an organized display to take all the trouble out of title searching. We also offer a subscription service and welcome mail order clients from anywhere in Canada.

Our pop culture merchandise includes statues, action figures, lunch kits, Pop figures, Magic the Gathering cards, board games and the classic Kit Cat Clocks (to name just a few cool products).

8th Street Books and Comics is also the exclusive carrier of magic tricks and supplies in Saskatoon.

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